Finally back to the range this morning. Six weeks off made for a bit of a challenge. Per usual: first two ends are always the best.

I’m in that honeymoon period after two successive illnesses where it’s amazing to just feel healthy every morning.

Cupping some test roasts with Colin at Bar Nine in Culver City. Giving their Odyssey subscription a shot. The Lycello Gesha run that just ended was spectacular.

No #MacMini update at WWDC had me checking the specs for the “current” model: UHD is 30hz, 4k is 24hz (!!). i5 Haswell from 2014. Ouch.

Apparently I don’t get enough of conventions, because I’m here at WonderCon the day after GDC wraps. 😅

Buckle your seatbelts for more intensly useless thoughts and pointless prayers from our politicians. We need gun licenses, now. The Heller decision can lead the way, it’s right there in the decision.